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Is SolarUK prêt à Portas?

June 15, 2010

Retail guru Mary Portas has been entertaining BBC viewers recently with her efforts to help small shops reshape their businesses, offering often uncomfortably frank advice to enable them to remain viable and compete with bigger names. 

Others may know her from the long-standing column in the Daily Telegraph weekend magazine in which she visits a well-known shop and gives it a score out of ten.  She is looking at range, product quality (with price naturally a strong consideration), the layout of the store and more.

The business’ image comes in for scrutiny too.  This is trickier area for any retail business, because much of this is based on history or origins.  Portas will ask around her office to find out what colleagues think of a company, and many will have an opinion even if they haven’t set foot in the shop for years.  Take McDonalds: it might have become a vegetarian oriental noodle outlet overnight, but on hearing the name we conjure up images of Big Macs, thick shakes and screaming children.

Then there’s Portas’ ‘was I being served?’ question.  Did the staff appear friendly, and could they provide helpful answers to her queries?

Her column this Saturday is due to examine HSBC, so as there are no items to actually take home after popping into one of their branches (not even the pens are removable) the customer service issue will presumably loom especially large.

So what would Portas discover if she turned her attention to SolarUK?  Well, to judge from client feedback she would experience very good customer service coupled, crucially, with the technical know-how to answer any points she raises and also to sort out, in the unlikely event of its occurrence, any problem that might crop up.

Other solar energy companies may present a pleasantly cooperative face but rather too often the person who picks up the phone will lack the technical nous the customer really needs.  It’s a tribute to the staff at SolarUK, and an indication of the lack of  an ‘after sales’ policy on the part of some rivals, that they are often called in to sort out the problem resulting from another company’s product or installation.

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  1. solarukweblog permalink*
    June 22, 2010 11:42 am

    As a postscript to the above, Mary Portas gave HSBC a rating of 2 out of 10 in her column on Saturday. She went into a branch with her son to open his first bank account – she wanted it to be a special occasion – and the bank clerk didn’t bother looking up, merely saying ‘OK, I’ll need his details’.

    Now, in this blog we most definitely like our food, but we cannot approve of what the clerk proceeded to do: get up and return a few moments later with ‘his mouth so full of KitKat he could barely shut it’.

    So although she concedes that HSBC is a well-run business, it is customer service that, in the end, counts.

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