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Green means go for a new government

May 9, 2010

As the nation awaits the outcome of the Conservative-Lib Dem negotiations, commentators are speculating on possible areas of common ground shared by the two parties: the ways of reducing the deficit (though the timing is in dispute), helping the educational chances of the poorest children, and perhaps tax reform. 

But little is being said about the opportunity of taking forward the environmental policies which are now achievable with the all-change mood of the electorate and the demise (presumably) of the Labour Party.  For the Lib Dems have long been considered the most disposed of the three main parties towards sustainability and renewable energy, and the Conservatives under Cameron have a greenish hue to their blue.

So will the parties come out into the sunlight following their heads-down tough talking, beaming with optimism and brandishing a firm set of proposals for a greener country and economy?  It’s the sort of step forward that would reconcile the grassroots Lib Dems to working with the Tories for the next five years.

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