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Diary’s secret green credentials

January 26, 2010

By the end of this week a twelfth of the new year will have passed, more speedily than we’d like.  It’s time to air a calendar matter that has been exercising your blogger’s mind since he started scribbling in his fresh and new 2010 diary.

At issue is the claim by this slim volume to be an ‘Eco Diary’.  Closer inspection reveals that the only ecological feature is the paper used, which is 100% recycled.  But we all recycle paper where we can, and notebooks and more made from this sort of paper are commonplace.  So what makes it stand out from the green crowd? 

Well, each day has a trivia question (today’s is “Which constituency did Tony Blair represent?”)  No green theme here.  There are unnecessary bookkeeping pages: if your blogger had the pizazz to run his own company he would use a computer to record his cash flow. 

Thumbing to the back, we find a web directory.  A valuable resource crammed with links to green shopping websites, environmental blogs and more?  Sadly not.  If you didn’t know that Google’s web address is, or that Channel 4’s pages can be found at, or if your regular search engine is incapable of tracking down the website of the Home Office or the Ministry of Defence, then this list is for you.   Otherwise it isn’t.

If this product is ‘eco’, what is a properly eco product to be called?  Super eco?  What we really want to know about are the other active steps the diary manufacturer (an established mainstream brand) is doing to back up this so-called eco-initiative.  Maybe it sponsors a wetland conservation project or runs its fleet of delivery vehicles on chip fat oil – but if so it’s certainly not telling us.

In short, it’s just another example of putting a green gloss on an otherwise humdrum product to highlight its appeal.

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